Brands Help You Edit: The Centennial Panel at BRITE ’16

Watch a distinguished panel of Columbia Business School alumni speak about the past and future of brand building from the BRITE ’16 conference.

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“Brands help you edit,” stated Shelly Lazarus ’70, Chairman Emeritus, Ogilvy & Mather, at BRITE ’16. This is indeed the crux of why brands developed a bit over 100 years ago, and this need may make them even more important in a future where information and data are becoming ubiquitous.

Around the same time brands were becoming important, Columbia Business School was being launched. In honor of its Centennial, a distinguished panel of alumni was brought together at BRITE ’16 to discuss the past and future of brand building:

  • Shelly Lazarus ’70, Chairman Emeritus, Ogilvy & Mather
  • Lew Frankfort ’69, Chairman Emeritus, Coach, Inc 
  • Russell Dubner ’00, President & CEO, Edelman US 
  • Ntiedo (Nt) Etuk ’02, Co-Founder & CEO, YourGuru / YG Studios
  • Moderated by Prof. Bernd Schmitt, Faculty Director, Center on Global Brand Leadership

In response to questions fielded from the BRITE audience, the panel dove into a range of issues organizations will need to tackle, including:

  • Several key themes facing brands moving forward — experience, authenticity, values, and connections
  • The future needs for brand agencies — “You have to be comfortable being uncomfortable,” noted Russell Dubner
  • How brands need to think about global markets and consumers
  • What brand lessons are revealed by the US Presidential race

Watch this vibrant discussion and help use their insights to develop your own brand building strategies.

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