Haircuts as Inspiration

BRITE Speaker Bernd Schmitt discusses the importance of rethinking.

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In the fall of 2009, our Faculty Director, Bernd Schmitt, was interviewed by McGraw Hill as part of its “Thinkers 50” global ranking of business thinkers.

At one point, Schmitt discusses an enlightening haircut experience when a barber inspired him to rethink the way he had always parted his hair. Such challenges to historic thinking represent the importance for business leaders to be bold enough to “kill their sacred cows”–those ingrained methods of doing business that they never even consider rethinking.

The interview, conducted in three parts, provides more thoughts from Schmitt on:

  • His latest book Big Think Strategy
  • the challenges of leadership, and
  • the importance of the customer experience

To hear Bernd Schmitt speak at BRITE ’10, register now.

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