The Great Business of Brexit: CBS Alumni Prepare

Is Brexit helping or hurting businesses? Attendees of Columbia Business School’s Pan-Euro Forum, held in Paris in October 2018, discuss how they are preparing for Great Britain’s exit from the European Union.

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Nicolas Frankopan ’09: Uncertainty weighs on any business throughout the economy.

Anne Busquet ’78: The impact of Brexit for the service industry is quite large because most of the workers in the service industries are not UK workers. So what we do is really look at doing contingency plans which are the same, that you would do contingency plans for any measured risks that you face.

Nicolas: The ongoing discussions do have an effect on economic activity and specifically my business, but I do believe that the underlying strength of the economy will see Great Britain through. At the same time I would like to see as friendly of economic relations with our European partners as possible.

Mark Collins ’91: Brexit actually is helping our business. Specifically with the hospitality business that we have here – we have a restaurant in Paris. Business now is beginning to pick up. We’re finding that there are individuals moving from the UK to Paris, and our business is actually up.

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