How Columbia Business School Boosted My Career

At the Pan-Euro Forum, held in Paris in October 2018, Columbia Business School alumni share how their CBS experience shaped their success today.

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Laszlo R. Czirjak ‘86: How did Columbia Business School boost my career path is the question. Hoo.

Tina Saighal ’01: The biggest thing that I learned when I went to Columbia Business School was that you could learn anything. It’s not that you have to be an expert in one area and continue to learn that.

Laszlo: Columbia allowed me to really leapfrog to a new career.

Steve Fan ’08: I think all the people in the business school has a really high IQ. But when you get to the real world, the way the best place, or the best way to grow up, to get your career path, is by the soft skills.

Paulina Yick ’94: It had trained me to be a strategic thinker so that I could always be looking at the bigger picture.

Nicolas Frankopan ’09: I think what Columbia Business School gave me was a global mindset, gave me friends from all the continents of the world, and I’m very grateful for that.

Anne Busquet ’78: Columbia was very important to be because I got my first job after business school at American Express, and stayed there for 23 years and had a wonderful career.

Tina Saighal ’01: It’s been great for me. The network of people, the lesson that I’ve learned, everything has been good. And that’s why I’m where I am today.

Vivek Salgaocar ’13: Everybody is extremely intelligent, extremely accomplished, but I think most importantly extremely humble. And what that gives you is the confidence to be able to succeed in any environment because if you have been able to build relationships and succeed in an environment like Columbia, I think it prepares you very well for anything in the world.

Mark Collins ’91: I got a job! [Laughs] Out of business school. I wouldn’t have landed an investment bank were it not for going to Columbia Business School. Absolutely no way.

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