How to Network in an Interconnected World

What makes global networking unique? Attendees of Columbia Business School’s Pan-Euro Forum, held in Paris in October 2018, share their top tips on cross-border networking — and how Columbia Business School stands out.

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Laszlo R. Czirjak ‘86: Networking globally, what’s my top tip. Whoa.

If you want to succeed, you have to surround yourself with people that are smarter than you.

Tina Saighal ’01: You’re looking for mentorship, guidance, and lifelong friendship.

Anne Busquet ’78: The best way to really network very efficiently is to learn the differences between the cultures, understand really what makes people different, and at the same time try to understand what is common about them.

Ghassan Abou-Alfa ’16: There is a lot of value for making sure you connect globally because obviously the opportunities will enhance and grow in every direction, and it’s very important to see the different perspectives.

Nicolas Frankopan ’09: My top tip in this interconnected world is to be open to meeting new people, and maybe putting away the iPhone occasionally and going out to meet people, shaking them by the hand, and looking them in the eye.

Paulina Yick ’94: Networking requires practice. It’s not really about what you want from the other person. I believe in reciprocal relationship. I think it’s so important that we can offer something to the other party.

Nicolas: It’s very important to have a strong local network, but of course, having a global network is that special alpha, something that I feel that I got particularly from Columbia Business School.

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