Why Economists Should Widen Their Audience Beyond “Experts”

To influence policy, economists should speak to the wider public, not politicians, says Jean Tirole, Nobel Prize-winning economist and winner of the 2018 George S. Eccles Prize for his book, Economics for the Common Good.
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In the end, the politician will listen to us if the population listens to us. Because politicians — unless they are very courageous — are more or less following public opinion because there is an election in a year or two, right? So if the public opinion is not aware that something is going wrong, it’s very hard to get any good policy going. So in the end we need to have a broader economic culture. So it’s not enough to do what I’ve been doing, for a long, long time talk just to the experts — the people in governments, in central banks, industry. You need also a wider audience.

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