Columbia Bizcast: Anna Rawson ’15

“At any point, you could have a hole-in-one,” says the former pro golfer. “It’s a good metaphor for life.”

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Why would a pro golfer want an MBA?

On this episode of Columbia Bizcast, Anna Rawson ’15 talks about her road to the Business School after winning a national golf championship at the University of Southern California and playing three years on the LPGA Tour. She combined her prowess on the pitch and her management skills learned from Columbia to transition to the business side of sports as marketing director for equipment company Parsons Xtreme Golf.

More recently, Rawson co-founded the company SeedLyfe, which makes superfood supplements for women. A native of Australia and the daughter of a professional Australian football player, Rawson says she’s brought lessons from the links to her post-MBA career.

“At any point, you could have a hole-in-one,” she says. “It’s a good metaphor for life. You never know when something good is going to start happening. You have to just stick to your routine and stick to what you’re doing, and just have faith that it will work out.”

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