Columbia Bizcast: Bruce Craven

Leadership lessons from Jon Snow, Ned Stark, and Professor Bruce Craven.

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Photo Courtesy of Mark Shaw

Ned Stark, Jon Snow, and Daenerys Targaryen have become household names ever since they first appeared six years ago in HBO's blockbuster series, Game of Thrones. They appear not just as fictional characters, but as leaders who inspire, instill fear, and judge others. That quality, says Professor Bruce Craven, is always one of the risks in leadership. Ned Stark “assumes, everyone should hold their values in the same way he holds them. If they don't, something is flawed with them.”

Professor Craven's book, Win or Die: Leadership Secrets from Game of Thrones, offers a trove of leadership lessons for managing groups and implementing change. In this episode of Columbia Bizcast, Bruce Craven, a professor in the Business School’s Executive Education program and director of the School’s Advanced Management Program, addresses the leadership takeaways from this mega-hit series.

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Bruce Craven

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