Columbia Bizcast: Kesha Cash '10

On this episode of Bizcast, we revisit our conversation with Impact America Fund founder Kesha Cash ’10.

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Kesha Cash '10, one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People for 2018, told us about a point in her career when she needed to reconcile that she was “living two lives.”

Cash grew up in a low-income family, first in rural South Carolina, then in Orange County, California. After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in applied mathematics, Cash embarked on a career in financial services that took her to Wall Street boardrooms and aboard private jets.

Through it all, Cash never forgot her early life experiences, which inspired her to enroll in the Business School, where she cultivated her passion for impact investing and social responsibility. In 2013, Cash launched the Impact America Fund, which makes investments in companies run by entrepreneurs from low and moderate income communities of color.

Since 2014, the nine companies in the initial $10 million fund have generated $75 million in revenue.

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