Columbia Bizcast: From the Military to CBS

In honor of Veterans Day, Bizcast is revisiting conversations we had with three CBS alumni, all former service members. All three are working to support veterans in their transition to civilian life.

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EMBA graduate Brooke Jones-Chinetti ’18 served in the Army for nearly ten years, which included a tour of duty in Iraq. After her commitment, Jones-Chinetti worked for JPMorgan Chase’s Office of Veterans’ Affairs. This inspired her to found Your Sequel, a networking organization designed to help female ex-service members make connections in the business world.

Air Force pilot Dan Brillman ’12 and Army veteran Taylor Justice ’14 heard countless stories from their cohort about how complicated it was to access clinical and non-clinical social services. This led to their launching Unite Us, a centralized software platform that streamlines the connection between people and healthcare and other social service providers.

As part of our salute to all veterans, here are Brooke, Dan, and Taylor telling their stories of life in the military, at Columbia Business School, and at their start-ups.

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