Columbia Bizcast: The Polarization Project

On this episode of Columbia Bizcast, we’re invited to dine with the Polarization Project.

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Recent EMBA graduates Brianna O’Brien Lowndes ’19 and Charlie Kreitler ’19 were randomly assigned seats next to one another in class and after a few months of small talk, the two became friends. 

Then, during a classroom debate, politics entered the conversation.

Brianna and Charlie suddenly found themselves on opposite sides of several issues. But instead of letting their political differences get in the way, they decided to air out their disagreements over dinner with their fellow students. Along with classmate Emmett Lamb ’19, they founded the Polarization Project, a discussion series where a faculty expert lectures on a global issue and students engage in a lively debate afterwards. At the dinner we attended, the group hosted Professor of Professional Practice Bruce Usher who spoke about the intersection of climate change and business.

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