Columbia Bizcast: Stephanie Palmeri ’11

“It is really, really hard to start a company. You will hear no over and over. You need to  persevere and push through in spite of the world almost seeming to work against you.”

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Stephanie Palmeri ’11 in conversation with Fahad Ahmed ’17 during Women’s Business Leadership in Tech: From Talk to Action in New York City.

When Stephanie Palmeri graduated from Columbia Business School in 2011, she took a leap of faith.

With no job and two suitcases, she left New York City for Silicon Valley, crashing on the couches of fellow CBS grads. “As someone who didn't have a network [in the Valley]…it was scary, but I did it,” Palmeri says.

Palmeri, now a partner at Uncork Capital (formerly SoftTech VC), sat down with Why CBS host Fahad Ahmed ’17 during the School’s Women’s Business Leadership in Tech: From Talk to Action conference in February, where she was a panelist.

Moving cross country was a risk that paid off. In seven years, Palmeri has lead over 25 investments at Uncork across sectors. But her passion is technology, especially innovations that have the power to transform lives.

“I am always excited by technologies that enable people to be better,” she says. “To achieve their best selves, whether that’s at work, whether that’s at home, whether that’s achieving a personal goal from a fitness level, or a mental health level, I think technology is incredibly powerful, and we can harness it to make ourselves better as individuals and as humans and communities.”

One community Palmeri continues to impact is Columbia Business School’s, where she sits on the Advisory Board for the Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center.

“I continue to be involved and give back to CBS because CBS opened the door for me to pursue the career of my dreams and I want to be able to do the same thing (for other MBAs).”


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