Fast Forward: Russ Carson ’67

As part of the School’s Centennial celebration, alumni leaders offer predictions about the future in business and beyond. Here, Russ Carson ’67, co-founder and general partner at Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, looks ahead.

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The Future of Private Equity
Private equity — using someone else’s capital to invest and provide a superior return — will always be here. But as investment markets get increasingly efficient, the industry is going to consolidate into a smaller number of players.

The Future of Social Enterprise
You’re going to see the same thing: large-scale consolidation. Instead of having thousands of small players addressing social issues, you’ll see a smaller number of larger institutions — and very smart people — solving the same problems more efficiently.

The Future Must-Have Business Skill
It’s the same skill that was a revelation to me when I arrived at Columbia Business School in 1965: how to think about a problem and come up with a logical solution.

A Future I Like to Imagine
One of the big changes that I find exciting is genomic technoloy, where each human can be sequenced at birth and we can treat diseases and other problems before they occur. Our lives will be dramatically alterned by sophisticated techniques that keep us from getting sick.

The Future of Business
Every industry is going to get more competitive. But the future of business — at its essence, organizing people to achieve a common goal — is the future of the world.

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