Fast Forward: Shazi Visram ’04

As part of the School’s Centennial celebration, alumni leaders offer predictions about the future in business and beyond. Here, Shazi Visram ’04, founder and CEO of Happy Family Brands, looks ahead.

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The Future of Business

There’s so much social innovation on the horizon — it’s really exciting. There will be more of a focus on doing what’s right. Consumers are really warming to the idea that business can bring social change and that how and why a product is made can be a compelling reason to support a brand.

The Future Leader

The leaders that I see graduating from Columbia Business School are using business to solve challenges in society in a way that makes creating abundance the goal, [which is] what I espouse to do at Happy Family. Strong leaders have a vision for a brighter future.

An Essential Ingredient for Future Success

Passion for what you do. For me, success is not simply about how many millions in revenue we have — it’s much more than that. The passion at the heart of what you do is part of how you have a successful and meaningful life. Start there.

My Advice for Future Columbia Business School Students

There are so many impressive, talented individuals — remember that you are one of them and that you have something important to bring to the table and the world. Follow your dreams and don’t settle, because you’re in a position to do anything you want. Stay true to yourself to make that happen.

A Future I Like to Imagine

I’d like to see a world where there’s more financial equality. I think technology is going to enable that. I see wild innovations that are going to allow us to soar higher than we ever imagined.

For more predictions about the next 100 years, in business and beyond, watch our Centennial video:

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