Fast Forward: Warren Buffett ’51

As part of the School's Centennial celebration, alumni leaders offer predictions about the future in business and beyond. Here, Warren Buffett '51, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, looks ahead.

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The Future of Value Investing
Same principles as today. As my partner, Charlie Munger, says, “If you don’t believe in value investing, what do you believe in?” What are you looking for if you’re not looking for value? 

The Future Business Leader
Leaders who use their talents not only to do something for themselves, but for others. Leadership that is creating ideas, creating products, creating whatever it may be that will benefit millions of people.

The Future You
Be careful how you choose your heroes because that’s how you’re going to turn out. One thing that impressed me about Ben Graham, back when I was 20, was that here was a fellow who came up to campus every Thursday afternoon from Wall Street — not for personal gain but because he wanted to spend a few hours with us. Seeing somebody behave that way shapes your attitude towards what you’re going to do with your life.

The Pace of the Future
Just go back 100 years and see what’s happened and allow for the fact that there’s an acceleration factor going on. The next 100 years will be much more dynamic than the last 100 years have been.

The Future of Business — In One Word
Great. If you don’t see opportunity, you’ve got your eyes shut.

For more predictions about the next 100 years, in business and beyond, watch our Centennial video:

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