Inflection Points in the New World of Business

Professor Rita McGrath outlines some scenarios that could help firms cope -- and eventually thrive.

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Bizcast Special Report: Navigating the Business Impacts of COVID-19

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the business world and the daily lives of millions have undergone massive disruptions in a short amount of time.

The reality of this new normal is what Professor Rita McGrath would define as an inflection point  -- an external change that causes the underlying assumptions of a business to adjust dramatically in response.

On this episode of Bizcast, McGrath, the author of Seeing Around Corners: How To Spot Inflection Points in Business Before They Happen, explains different scenarios that could help firms cope -- and eventually thrive. You can hear her speak about leadership practices that help businesses thrive on this prior episode.

How is your business weathering these big changes, and planning for the future? Let us know.

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