Why CBS Podcast: Antonia Hyman ’18 — Part I

“How I want to measure my life and the impact is what can I do for other people.”

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Photo: Mahmood Ahmed

In a powerful, two-part conversation, Antonia Hyman ’18, who is completing a joint MBA/JD program at Columbia, sits down with Fahad to discuss the influence her family had on her dream to launch a company for the historically disadvantaged.

In addition to her full course load, Antonia is chair of the Black Business Student Association’s Elevate conference, which will be held March 30–31.

In part one of the conversation, Antonia shares her family’s immigrant story from Jamaica to Brooklyn. Growing up in a close-knit, entrepreneurial extended family, Antonia expresses her gratitude for the strong women in her life who inspired her.

“Being surrounded by…black minority immigrant women who worked so hard was a tremendous opportunity because they let no barrier stand in their way and they did what they needed to do and that’s something I want to take with me,” she says. “If I can be half the woman that my grandmother is and my mom is — because she is my absolute role model — I will be very, very happy.”

Antonia learned a tireless work ethic from her family that lead her to Princeton for undergraduate studies in public affairs and a subsequent job at Morgan Stanley.

Her decision to go back to school — for two graduate degrees, no less — was driven by her desire to make an impact on laws, policy, and institutions that hinder or help different communities disproportionately. 

“How I want to measure my life and the impact is what can I do for other people,” she says. “So, my career is going to be in pursuit of — yes, I want to start a company for myself, and I think that will be interesting — but how can I do that for people who have been historically disadvantaged?” 

In part two, Antonia discusses her BBSA leadership role and the upcoming Elevate conference. 


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