Why CBS Podcast: Brooke Jones-Chinetti ’18

“If you don’t have something important or smart to say, give the mic to those who have a voice and a story and need to get something out.”

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Photo: Brett Essler

Brooke Jones-Chinetti ’18 served in the military for six years with two deployments to the Middle East. In 2016, she started Your Sequel to bridge the gap between female veterans and industry leaders. She is currently Director Of Operations at Werk.co.

In a new episode of Why CBS, Jones-Chinetti talks about the importance of selfless leadership, the responsibility of having a platform, and looks back at her two-year journey through the EMBA program.

“Every day I go to class, I’m humbled,” she says. “I feel like I’m sitting next to the smartest people I ever met. And I’m proud of how we’ve evolved as a group. I’m proud of the diversity of thought. I'm proud of people’s accomplishments. We’ve seen new jobs, promotions, marriages, babies. I’m proud of how we’ve celebrated each other and lifted each other up. I'm so proud of my class. I can’t imagine having gone anywhere else.”


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