Why CBS Podcast: Professor Hitendra Wadhwa

“There’s no point in working really hard — striving and striving — if you have no clue where you’re headed.”

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Professor Hitendra Wadhwa’s Personal Leadership & Success is Columbia Business School’s most popular leadership elective. It’s easy to see why. Blending his cultural heritage and experiences in business, psychology, mathematics, with Eastern mystical traditions, Wadhwa investigates how business leaders – and everyone – can best reach their potential.

“The greatest source for you to transform the world is to invest in your own transformation,” Wadhwa, a professor of professional practice tells Fahad Ahmed ’17 in a special two-part Why CBS. “The more you are able to dive within and to understand where you're thriving and flourishing…it is remarkable how much positive change you can bring in the immediate relationships around you and the disciplined pursuit of your goals.”

Across two episodes dedicated to the topic of leadership, Wadhwa and Ahmed discuss the importance of self-mastery, the five pillars of personal leadership, and why it so important for leaders to lead from within. 


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Hitendra Wadhwa

Hitendra Wadhwa is Professor of Practice at Columbia Business School and founder of the Institute for Personal Leadership (IPL...

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