The Impact of COVID-19 on US Entrepreneurship

Management professor Jorge Guzman explains why allowing new businesses access to relief funds will play an essential role in an economic recovery.

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While the US Small Business Admimistration’s $349 billion Paycheck Protection Program has helped some small businesses maintain payroll and cover their mortgage and rent payments, additional relief funds for enterprenuerial ventures could assist economic recovery efforts in the coming months.

Management professor Jorge Guzman and co-authors Catherine Fazio of Boston University and Scott Stern of MIT wrote in a recent Forbes article that small business owners forced to close due to the COVID-19 crisis need the opportunity to start again.

In this video Guzman shares research from the Start Up Cartography Project, which compiles state-level data on business registrations, and forecasts trends for entrepreneurship nationwide. 

About the researcher

Jorge Guzman

Dr. Jorge Guzman is an assistant professor at the Management Division in Columbia Business School. Jorge received his PhD from the Sloan School of...

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