Leadership and the Pandemic: Rising to the Occasion

Professor Todd Jick discusses effective organizational leadership during the global health crisis.

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Todd Jick, senior lecturer in discipline in business management, speaks on organizational change during the COVID-19 pandemic, moderated by Nishant Panigrahi '21.

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage countries and organizations, the loss in the job market seems to be deep and long lasting. Leaders are dealing with not only the anxiety of saving their organization from going under, many also have to deal with the stress from the responsibility of laying off large numbers of employees in unconceivable ways. The questions we will be exploring include:

How to deliver a message to your employees?

What can leaders do about the survivors' guilt that might creep up on employees who might remain and how do you deal with the responsibilities as a manager charged with the responsibility of a wide swath of people?

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