Your Right to Vote is Also a Responsibility

Glenn Hubbard urges American voters to remember the tremendous effort to win and protect the right to vote in America when deciding whether or not to vote on Tuesday.

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At a community conversation on November 3 with Professor Ray Horton and Wiegers Fellow Kim Gittleson ’17, Dean Glenn Hubbard stressed the importance of voting.


Honestly, it doesn't matter who you vote for. But, I'm one of those old-fashioned people who believe you actually have a responsibility to vote.

You have a right. But protecting that right requires you to remember your responsibility. You should vote for whomever you see fit.

I think the voting booth is an incredible part of our democracy. And when we foreswear it, we shouldn’t be surprised what results we get. We’ve spent a lot of time and treasure in this country protecting the right to vote for people.

Please don’t throw yours away.

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R. Glenn Hubbard

Professor Hubbard is a specialist in public economics, managerial information and incentive problems in corporate finance, and financial markets and institutions. He has written...

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