Four Startup Tips from Solemates

Solemates was created by Becca Brown ’07 and Monica Ferguson ’07, two women who hated to ruin their shoes. They provide shoe care solutions for women who love shoes as much as they do.

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I'm Becca Brown.

I'm Monica Ferguson.

And we are the cofounders of Solemates. You need to do so much homework. You need to learn everything about the industry and the business that you are about to get into. And so you need to ask any and everybody for their expertise, their knowledge so that you're in the best position to prepare your business for success.

Anyone's who's going to be in a position where they're public speaking, giving a presentation, giving a presentation to the media, should just do everything they can to prepare for it as far as getting properly trained.

If and when you're preparing to leave your traditional job to start your own company, it's so important to make sure that you're prepared and that you plan for that exit.

Whether or not you're taking equity or debt, you need to consider how the money is going to get you from A to B. If you're overcomplicating it or raising far too much or raising far too little, that answer should be clear based on the projections that you're making and what you need to be producing.

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