The Future of Music: A Collaboration Between Humans and AI

Drew Silverstein ’16, co-founder and CEO, Amper Music, Inc. imagines a world where artists will collaborate with artificial intelligence in creative endeavors.

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Amper is an artificial intelligence music technology that allows anyone to create unique and professional music for their content instantly with no experience required. So as long as you know the mood and the style of the music you want to convey, Amper can create this music, sync to your content in a few seconds or less.

We think that the future of music will be created through the collaboration between humans and AI. And that in everything we do as a company, we want that collaborative experience to propel the creative process of our work. I think AI moving forward, whether it's in the creative or non-creative spaces, will help creators be more creative, be more effective, be more efficient.

And will open up many, many doors to new opportunities that we don't even know exist yet. We are enabling millions and millions of people to express themselves and express their creativity in ways that historically have been impossible without years of training, thousands of dollars and equipment. And then certainly a whole host of experience and time to practice the art.

And when we can lower that bar to say that you have a vision of whether you're a professional video creator or whether you make indie games, whether you're someone who just likes to be creative by yourself. Amper's able to say look, we want to be that partner with you, to help you express your creative vision fully and accurately and easily.

Because we can be that collaborate and that tool that lets you be most successful and bring happiness to your life. I'm Drew Silverstein, co-founder and CEO of Amper Music.

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