Getting Heard: Strategies for a Crowded Market

Adjunct Professor Jeremy Kagan of the Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center advises new market entrants to “test out new channels.” 

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“The traditional [marketing] channels that have been proven effective are market-driven, so they’re bid up to the price that the most aggressive and effective competitors can pay,” Adjunct Professor Jeremy Kagan, managing director of the Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center, says in this short video. This dynamic forces new market entrants to focus on more niche, targeted channels. 

“There are a lot of channels out there with huge audiences,” Kagan says, “and unless you’re a cutting-edge brand connected to the communities, you may not even be aware of it.”

Jeremy Kagan is the faculty director of Columbia Business School’s Executive Education program Digital Marketing Strategy: Customers, Planning, and ROI.

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Jeremy Kagan

Jeremy Kagan is a growth and innovation consultant, and advisor to corporations, startups and digital media companies. He is the former Managing Director of...

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