Meet the 2017–2018 Columbia Startup Lab Cohort

The Lab has become the symbolic nexus for Columbia’s commitment to entrepreneurship.

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Now in its fourth year, Columbia Startup Lab provides subsidized co-working space for a total of 71 Columbia entrepreneurs — 28 of whom are graduates of the Business School. By creating a community of dedicated founders and fostering a collaborative atmosphere, The Lab provides a platform for alumni to continue to grow their ventures after graduation.

We are pleased to welcome the following Columbia Business School-affiliated ventures to the fourth cohort:

  • The Clear Cut is a direct-to-consumer diamond ring e-commerce platform targeting millennial consumers by providing a curated selection of high-quality diamonds/designs at fair price points, utilizing expert educational content, and supporting a social mission.

    Kyle Simon '17

  • Pepper is an upscale home brand offering high quality soft goods and tech-driven decorating advice without the prohibitive price tag.

    Kelsey Brown '17 and Erin Kelly '17

  • FollowUp Health matches providers with senior care consumers to ensure fit and quality care.

    Amber Ju '15

  • Global A.I. provides an AI-driven investment system, the Global Economic Intelligence Platform, which uses Big Data and Artificial intelligence to generate actionable insights for governments and institutional investors.

    Richard Rothenberg '16

  • Leader’s Voice is a platform that features diverse stories of leadership to inspire people from all walks of life.

    Fatima Zulqarnian '17

  • Orsden is a direct to consumer ski apparel company.

    Sara Segall '14

  • Social Solar is a trusted third-party online platform that matches families and businesses seeking community solar opportunities with vetted community solar developers.

    Donna Sanders '17

  • Stratyfy is building a breakthrough decision management platform that enables firms to better predict, evaluate, and analyze data-driven decisions.

    Laura Kornhauser '17 and Michael Cherkassky '17

  • Thread Counsel designs and manufactures perfect-fitting women’s workwear that is customized to your size and style preferences using data science.

    Carly Bigi '17 and Erin Jaeger '17

  • Tail Risk Consulting is a cyber security consulting firm for small and medium sized businesses.

    Robert Terrin '17

  • Teller is a messaging platform that helps banks provide automated customer service and banking assistance through SMS or other messaging apps.

    Sidharth Garg '16

  • Text IQ uses cutting edge techniques in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to change the way people consume and interact with Big Data.

    Apoorv Agarwal '16 SEAS and Omar Haroun '12

  • Unbound is an e-commerce sexual wellness company for women that focuses on product curation, engaging content, and an exceptional customer experience — all delivered in the guise of a contemporary beauty brand driven by feminist ethos.

    Jackie Churchwell '17 and Lorraine White '17

Several ventures from previous cohorts will remain in the space:

  • The Drop is a US-based, eco-packaged wine brand that will disrupt the wine industry by offering Millennials wines they love and a brand they can relate to.

    Alexis Beechen '15

  • FUR is the first daily pubic hair and skin care line.

    Laura Schubert '11 and Lillian Tung '11

  • Retail Experts provides full-service retail branch development services to businesses throughout NYC with a true one-stop shop that provides end-to-end solutions for expanding retail.

    Eduardo Andrade '15

  • Volt Growth Partners is an investment firm focused on building and scaling promising consumer and retail brands.

    Florian Van Rappard '16

  • Wandering Bear Coffee is disrupting home and office coffee options by putting uniquely bold, smooth, ready-to-drink cold brew iced coffee on tap in any refrigerator.

    Ben Gordon '15 and Matt Bachmann '15

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