Meet the 2018-2019 Columbia Startup Lab Cohort

The Lab welcomes the fifth cohort of recent alumni dedicated to growing their ventures after graduation.

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Now in its fifth year, Columbia Startup Lab provides subsidized co-working space for a total of 71 Columbia entrepreneurs—28 of whom are graduates of the Business School. By creating a community of dedicated founders and fostering a collaborative atmosphere, The Lab provides a platform for alumni to continue to grow their ventures after graduation.

We are pleased to welcome the following Columbia Business School-affiliated ventures to the fifth cohort:

  • Alessandra Mackenzie designs, manufactures and distributes luxury loungewear for women—wearable wellness.
    Alessandra Baker '18
  • Auufa is a multi-sided professional platform with integrated architectural intelligence, where architects, engineers, interior designers and builders connect to harness collective information and insights to enhance innovation, productivity, and efficiency.
    Nigel-Ann La Qua Williamson '18
  • Benchmark Fitness lets you discover, create, and track workouts across fitness disciplines.
    Jack Stevens '18
  • Cointegra is reinventing peer-to-peer data exchange and disrupting the way people build and share data services. Their initial focus is on financial and investment data, but the platform will expand into any area that benefits from the reliable combination, review, and delivery of applications with data.
    Ming Hong '18
  • Dash is a national car wash operator converting car washes from a pain point into a ritualistic, enjoyable experience.
    Kyle Van Decker '18
  • East Light Partners is a renewable energy development company targeting the opportunity for solar and storage in the Northeast.
    Wendy De Wolf '18
  • Fly Louie provides a cost-effective alternative to commercial air travel and cuts travel time in half.
    Julia Takeda '18
  • Grete Knitwear is a collection of high-quality, timeless knitwear that enhances the family lifestyle through celebrating family values, traditions, and heritage.
    Paulina Dougherty '18
  • Hundred Ten is a men’s personal care brand that positions itself as an athletic brand, not a beauty brand.
    Bani Bahari '18
  • IDTEX is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed for institutional investors.
    Robin Shapiro '18
  • notA provides co-living for students in university-centric towns.
    Fabricio Matzinger '18
  • Pawlicy Advisor is a pet insurance brokerage helping pet owners find savings and optimal insurance coverage for their pets.
    Woody Mawhinny '18
  • Project77 is a K-12 teacher-to-teacher collaboration platform that facilitates on-demand professional learning communities.
    Enrique Parada '18 and Chris Russell '18
  • Rutine is a direct-to-consumer men’s personal care company.
    Bani Bahari '18
  • Street Smarts VR provides immersive VR police training to improve officer judgement and reduce avoidable police-citizen violence.
    Oliver Noteware '18
  • TeleTails provides live video, messaging, and payment capabilities for pet owners to engage with their veterinarians in the digital age.
    Clay Bartlett '18

Several ventures from previous cohorts will remain in the space:

  • Project Playdate connects families with shared child care needs to a highly selective network of child care professionals.
    Amanda Raposo '17
  • Stratyfy is AI meets IQ—it takes the power of machine learning and puts it in the hands of the experts at a company, allowing them to see the impacts of various decisions with just a few clicks.
    Laura Kornhauser '17 and Michael Cherkassky '17
  • Thread Counsel uses data science to make perfect-fitting women's clothing that is personalized to their size, shape, and style via an interactive e-commerce platform.
    Carly Bigi '17
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