Meet the 2019-2020 Columbia Startup Lab Cohort

The Columbia Startup Lab (CSL) welcomes the sixth cohort of recent alumni dedicated to growing their ventures. CSL members were selected to participate and benefit from resources, events, and community to foster and support their ventures.

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The Columbia Startup Lab seats 71 entrepreneurs, cofounders, and staff members and is based at a WeWork in SoHo, New York.

Credit: Columbia Startup Lab

Now in its sixth year, Columbia Startup Lab provides subsidized co-working space for a total of 71 Columbia entrepreneurs—32 of whom are graduates of the Business School. Founded in 2014, the Lab is a living testimony to Columbia University’s longstanding spirit of innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship. By creating a community of dedicated founders and fostering a collaborative atmosphere, The Lab provides a platform for alumni to continue to grow their ventures after graduation.

We are pleased to welcome the following Columbia Business School-affiliated ventures to the sixth cohort:

  • Instascreener provides brands with unbiased, third-party measurement of their influencer programs—across partners and platforms—so they can eliminate waste and fraud, optimize spend, and maximize ROI. 
    Sean Spielberg '16
  • Coinapply is creating a digital marketplace for real estate assets.
    Sandeep Vardhan '17
  • SiteRx is a B2B digital marketplace and data platform focused on clinical research.
    Seth Goodman '19
  • Curina is an art rental subscription service that helps customers discover their taste in art through data analytics.
    Mio Asatani '19
  • RentAlya is creating a community that allows people to borrow traditional, ethnic styles from the people around them.
    Nisha Balwani '19
  • Dragon Seats designs heated and cooling benches for athletics. Their placement on NFL and NCAA sidelines puts them uniquely at the intersection of entertainment and branding.
    Franklin Floyd '19
  • SHAI is a cross-cultural, modern Indian brand.
    Sana Himani '19
  • Round Robin is an online marketplace for students to host communal events.
    Edwin Kim '19
  • Armandita is the first skincare brand in the US market based on Colombian natural ingredients and beauty traditions.
    Giovanna Campagna '19
  • Seedlr is a fintech platform that offers best-in-class technology to build a community of donors that drive digital charitable giving to nonprofit organizations across the U.S.
    Ankit Mehta '19
  • Retouch Haiti is an e-commerce photo and video post-production service based in Haiti.
    Camille Park '19
  • Tryll is a recommendation platform to track, share experiences, and access those trusted by friends
    Annabel Morgan '19
  • byRoe is a food-based luxury skincare brand.
    Amy Roe '19
  • Coast is a functional beverage that brings health & wellness to the alcohol industry by mitigating the damage caused by alcohol, allowing customers to enjoy a drink without compromising their health goals.
    Christopher Picerni '19
  • Cleat Street is a research and trading start-up in the sports gambling space that seeks to partner with and empower customers so that they can invest on an informed and intelligent basis.
    Dan Rubin '19
  • Kato is an AI-enabled intelligent chatbot that tutors students for standardized tests.
    Lawrence Wang '19
  • Quantime is automating time management for urban professionals.
    Suchit Tuli '19
  • SeeMe is a global marketplace for artists and enthusiasts.
    Robin Shapiro '18
  • South by Shanghai is an annual film, interactive media, and music festival and conference that will take place in Shanghai, China in the fall of 2020.
    Melissa Wang '19

In addition, a number of ventures from previous cohorts will remain in the space:

  • Agamon is a marketplace for heathcare data, empowering the AI revolution in healthcare.
    Rotem Lev-Zwickel '18
  • Alina Vision is a social enterprise model treating the leading causes of preventable blindness.
    Benjamin Midberry '17
  • Auufa is a multi-sided professional platform with integrated architectural intelligence, where Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, and Builders connect and harness collective information and insights to enhance innovation, productivity, and efficiency.
    Nigel-Ann La Qua Williams '18
  • Cointegra is a decentralized platform that supports and incentivizes the collection and exchange of data and data services.
    Ming Hong '18
  • Dwell is a new-age personal life management platform, helping users navigate their stress-inducing "adulting" tasks.
    Miriam Rapaport-Hindin '18
  • Fly Louie provides a cost‑effective alternative to commercial air travel and cuts travel time in half.
    Julia Takeda '18
  • Project77 is a K-12 teacher-to-teacher collaboration platform that facilitates on-demand professional learning communities.
    Enrique Parada '18
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