Meet the Greenhouse Master Class

Professors Dave Lerner and Brendan Burns '95 welcome the 18th cohort to the Entrepreneurial Greenhouse Program this spring.

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The Entrepreneurial Greenhouse Program helps second-year Columbia Business School students prepare their businesses for investment by providing support and guidance throughout the semester, funding for pre-launch expenses, access to experts in key fields, and opportunities to present business concepts to professional investors.

"The 2018 Greenhouse Class represents a continued trend toward more committed students with real traction and a clearer sense of what it takes to succeed when they leave the comfy confines of Columbia," says Professor Brendan Burns. "Further, the cohort continues a trend toward greater diversity with a strong mix of company types, women, and international students."

Congratulations to the 2018 Class:

alan is a direct-to-consumer, premium men’s grooming company.
Bani Bahari '18

Alessandra Mackenzie
Alessandra Mackenzie is a luxury loungewear collection for women, aimed at elevating their off-duty wardrobes.
Alessandra Baker '18

Blogging Means Business
Blogging Means Business is an online education and strategic consulting company focused on helping bloggers launch, grow, and monetize their websites through e-courses, e-books, and other digital resources.
Emma Werner '18

BrainCeek is a work simulation program, currently in the finance industry, which can be used to assess candidates for corporations, schools, and various organizations.
Jason Fan '18

DVMHealth is a mobile telehealth company creating a platform for veterinary providers to provide on-demand care to patients.
Clay Bartlett '18

Fly Louie
Fly Louie is a platform for purchasing charter flights by the seat at prices competitive to commercial travel.
Julia Takeda '18

IDT Exchange
The International Decentralized Token (IDT) Exchange was launched to allow users from around the world to securely and easily exchange their Ethereum Tokens in a decentralized manner.
Robin Shapiro '18

Para Living
Para Living strives to transform the living quality, security, and status for young, urban professionals in China by creating high quality service rental homes.
Kelvin Ng '18 and Vincent Xeus '18

PetStar analyzes real-time veterinarian data to find cost trends and conditions associated with your pet’s breed, age and evolving maladies to recommend insurance plans based on a best-fit profile and then automatically file insurance claims on your behalf.
Woody Mawhinney '18

RecycleUp makes recycling fun by offering an easy-to-use mobile app that provides rewards to its users; RecycleUp then collects and analyzes consumption data for resale to a variety of stakeholders.
Michael Kraslow '18 and David Schreiber '18 is creating experiential hotels for the next generation.
Jason Noronha '18

Street Smarts VR
Street Smarts VR creates virtual reality police training experiences that improve officer judgment and create a world with safer cops and safer communities.
Oliver Noteware '18 and George Lamb '17

TeachEasy is a K-12 teacher-to-teacher collaboration platform that facilitates on-demand professional learning communities.
Chris Russell '18 and Enrique Parada '18

Special thanks to our evaluators:
Todd Breeden '13, KiwiVenture Partners
Meghan Cross '15, Red Bear Angels
Richard Liang '13, Preo
Kevin Quinn '91, Genki Advisory
Wendy Schadeck '16, Northzone
Sapna Shah '98, Red Giraffe Advisors
KJ Singh '11, Techstars
Alicia Syrett '07, Pantegrion Capital LLC
Kevin Weeks '15, Payability
Rick Zullo '14, Lightbank

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