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Please be aware that courses may be canceled at the discretion of the Dean's Office. All schedules may be subject to change.

MBA Course Registration Schedule

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*Full-time MBA students enrolled in EMBA courses must abide by EMBA course deadlines, listed at the bottom of this page.

MBA Summer 2019 Course Registration Schedule

B-Term ("Block Weeks") Add/Drop Round Thur, July, 11 8:00am (EST)

Half Block Week Courses: By 1:00pm (EST) on the First Scheduled Class Session

Full Block Week Courses: By 6:00pm (EST) on the First Scheduled Class Session

Withdraw: B-Term ("Block Weeks") Half Block Week Courses: From 1:01pm (EST) of the First Scheduled Class Session

Full Block Week Courses: From 6:01pm (EST) of the First Scheduled Class Session
Half Block Week Courses: By 6:00pm (EST) on the First Scheduled Class Session

Full Block Week Courses: By 1:00pm (EST) on the Second Scheduled Class Session

MBA Fall 2019 Course Registration Schedule

round DATE BEGINS date ends
Bidding Round 1 Thur, July 18, 10:00am (EST) Mon, July 22, 4:00pm (EST)
Bidding Round 2 Thur, July 25, 10:00am (EST) Mon, July 29, 4:00pm (EST)
Drop for Refund Round Thur, August 1, 10:00am (EST) Fri, August 2, 4:00pm (EST)
Waitlist Round Thur, August 8, 10:00am (EST) Mon, August 12, 4:00pm (EST)
Add/Drop Round Thur, August 15, 10:00am (EST)

MTW Half Block Week Courses: Mon, August 26, 1:00pm (EST)

Full Block Week Courses: Mon, Mon, August 26, 6:00pm (EST)

WRF Half Block Week Courses: Mon, August 28, 6:00pm (EST)

A-Term & Full-Term Courses: Tue, September 10, 10:00am (EST)

Withdraw: A-Term & Full-Term Courses Tue, September 10, 10:01am (EST) Tue, September 24, 4:00pm (EST)
B-Term Add/Drop Round Tue, October 22, 10:00am (EST) Wed, October 30, 10:00am (EST)
Withdraw: B-Term Courses Wed, October 30, 10:01am (EST) Wed, November 13, 4:00pm (EST)

EMBA Summer 2019 Bidding Schedule

Round Start Date End Date Notes

Info Poll

June 18

June 22

Round 1

July 18, 10AM EDT

July 25, 4PM EDT

Round 2

July 30, 10AM EDT

August 6, 4PM EDT

Dropping of courses allowed throughout Round 2

Waitlist Round

August 9, 10AM EDT

August 15, 4PM EDT

Waitlist results will be available during Add/Drop round

EMBA Add/Drop Round

August 20, 10AM EDT


September 12, 4PM EDT


Add/Drop results are posted in real time

Please note, withdrawing from a fulll-term course after add/drop ends will result in a "W" on the transcript. The deadline to withdraw from full term courses with a "W" on the transcript is Tuesday, October 8. The "W" deadline for half term courses and block weeks will vary.