EMBA Bidding Presentations

 2016 BA Elective Selection Presentation (2.13.15)

 EMBA Bidding FAQS

  1. How are points allocated in BOSS?
    All students receive 1,000 points for each elective course they need to take at the start of their first elective term. In addition, you will receive 200 bonus points for each successfully completed 3 credit elective course (100 bonus points for 1.5 credit elective courses). Students will not receive bonus points for electives taken during their first semester. Bonus points are awarded at the end of the term and may be used in future bidding rounds. You will use these points throughout your time in the program. Unused points will carry over from term to term.

  2. What is the “clearing price” for a course and how does it work?
    The clearing price is the lowest successful bid for the course in a given round. This is the price that all successful bidders are “charged” for the course, regardless of their actual bid. Unsuccessful bidders will have all of their points refunded.

    For example:
    There are 25 bids for a course with a 20-seat capacity. The highest bid is 1,500 and the 20th highest is 125. Since the 20th highest bid is the last seat in the class, 125 becomes the “clearing price.” All students in the top 20 are charged 125 points and excess points they bid on that course are refunded. Those students that bid less than 125 do not get seats in the class and have all of their points refunded.

  3. What is the “clearing price” for a course that has seats remaining at the end of a round?
    The clearing price is the lowest successful bid for the course in a given round. If there are seats left in a course and all bidders are able to get a seat in that round, then the clearing price is manually reduced to zero (0) points. The remaining seats in the course become available for bidding in the second round. The clearing price in the second round is independent of the first round clearing price and is determined by the bids in the second round only.

  4. What if there are more students with equal bids for a course than there are available seats?
    In the case that there are more students with equal bids for a course than there are available seats, the system will randomly assign the available seats among the equal bidders.

    For example:
    There are 70 bids for a course with 60 seats. At the end of the round, 50 of these bids are above 500 points and the rest are exactly 500 points. The clearing price is 500 points, but since there are 10 seats and 20 equal bids, the seats are assigned randomly among the 20 who bid 500 points. The bidders who do not get a seat have their points refunded.

  5. Can I bid on two courses in the same menu?
    Yes, you can. However, if you are successful in both of your bids, you will need to drop one of the courses in a subsequent round (see below for more information on dropping a course).

  6. How does the Waitlist Round work?
    During the Waitlist Round, you may place a bid on the EMBA waitlist for any courses that are full after Rounds 1 and 2 (or any courses that were not available for EMBA bidding during those rounds). If a seat opens up in the course during the Add/Drop round, the student with the highest waitlist bid is offered the seat. If multiple seats in a course open up, then the seats are offered at the “clearing price” of the lowest successful waitlist bid. You cannot drop courses during the Waitlist Round.

  7. When can I drop a course?
    You have two opportunities to drop courses:

    • During Round 2, you have the opportunity to drop any course that you registered for during Round 1. You will have the points spent on that course refunded. The seat will become available to other students immediately.

    • You may also drop during the Add/Drop period. When you drop a course during Add/Drop, you will NOT be refunded any points.

  8. Do I gain or lose points by adding or dropping courses during the Add/Drop period?
    No bid points are spent or refunded for changes made during the Add/Drop period. Once the bidding and waitlist rounds are over, your point balance does not change, unless you receive a seat from the waitlist during Add/Drop, in which case you are charged the amount of your waitlist bid (or the waitlist clearing price if multiple seats open).