non-CBS Faculty

For non-Columbia Business School Faculty:

In order to obtain a review or final copy of a case you must log in as a registered user. Faculty not affiliated with Columbia Business School must create an account using the registration form. Once you are logged into the site, use the search function to locate a case and proceed to the case home page. From this page you may download the sample case at no charge and complete a request form to obtain the final case file for use in a course.

Once you are on the case home page navigate to the “License this Case” link under the Next Steps gray box on the left hand column of the screen. You will be directed to a form. Please note CaseWorks charges $3.50 per user/per case for cases used in academic courses and we license our cases through Copyright Clearance Center ( At the top of the form click on “License the case and obtain the order detail number.” This will take you to the page on where you may request an invoice and obtain the order detail number for that case. Please complete the form fields per the information below:

  • Check that the professor(s) name is correct. The names here will appear on the case watermark
  • Fill out the Course Name and Course Number.
  • Complete the number of students with your best approximation. A final number can be
    submitted to once the add drop period ends.
  • Provide the start and end dates for the course (no longer than 5 months).
  • Enter the Order Detail number obtained from
  • Tell us how you heard about the case!
  • Click Submit.

Once the order is approved, you will receive an email with a link from which you and students download the case. The link should only be posted on a password protected website for student access. You may also print the case for inclusion in a print case pack. Please use the CaseLink direct URL at all times to assure the students have the most recent version of the case. Students will be able to download the
file from the date of approval until 30 days after your course end date.