Office 2.0: Considerations of the Post-Pandemic Office Landscape

What strategic actions should office building developers and employers take for an optimal return to office after 2 years of remote and hybrid work?

Michelle K. Felman, Russell C. Platt  | Spring 2022
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In 2022, the US commercial real estate market is at a critical, unprecedented point. After almost 2 years of COVID-19 related mandatory lockdowns and remote-work for a large part of the nation’s office-based employees, companies in real estate development as well as the tenants of those real estate complexes are grappling with strategic next steps. For consideration are the issues of location, building amenities, and continued labor market shifts with the new post-pandemic normal. In this case, students will learn about the commercial real estate market, with a special focus on major metropolitan areas as well as up-and-coming suburban development. Students will be asked to assess the business situation from the perspective of a real estate development manager as well as from that of a major financial services employer who is considering new office locations for its returning post-pandemic workforce.

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