Impact America

How should Impact America Fund, a prominent early-stage socially-conscious investment think about its ongoing strategy after initial fundraising success?

Bruce Usher  | Fall 2022
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Impact America Fund (IAF), founded by visionary Kesha Cash to invest in early-stage businesses and generate a “double bottom line” – both financial and social, is at a critical point. In its 10 years since inception, IAF has built a strong portfolio of companies with low-income and marginalized entrepreneurs or serve those communities. Not only that, it has successfully raised two investment funds with blue chip LP’s as well as gained a stellar reputation in the impact investing world that it can certainly leverage to gain scale. However, Kesha and team grapple with the best way to be fully engaged with its portfolio companies even as IAF itself outgrows its early start-up status. In this case, students will learn about the factors that drive success in impact investing, looking specifically at strategy, due diligence, personnel and approach.

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