The Equity Alliance: Changing the Game in Venture Capital

What makes a successful social capital playbook?

Paul Ingram, Jonathan Smith  | Spring 2023
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The Equity Alliance is a new take on the traditional impact investment fund that capitalizes on market imperfections resulting from inefficient flow of information to make opportunistic capital deployment decisions. Claude Grunitzky, its CEO and co-founder, has a unique background that has enabled him to build the perfect limited partnership base to support the social and financial goals of this new venture as well as to help create a flow of investment opportunities that meets the founders’ high standards. Grunitzky’s set of connections with diverse yet like-minded communities, developed through years of active cultivation and networking, has been critical to The Equity Alliance’s success. In this case, students will learn about The Equity Alliance and Claude Grunitzky’s story and analyze how Grunitzky developed a differentiated social capital methodology to connect capital and people with ideas and opportunities.

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