Spinback's Venture Capital Decision

Should a young serial entrepreneur accept a $1.2 million investment proposal from a New York-based venture capital firm for his early stage social commerce venture?
Robert Ganjon, Jack Kaplan  | Fall 2011
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At the age of 24 Corey Capasso had already launched several successful new ventures. In 2010, Capasso, along with his ex-college roommate, founded Spinback, whose main product was an online analytics tool that enabled companies to compute return on investment (ROI) of social media. After only one year, the online tool had begun to attract early adopters while also garnering the attention of a number of venture capital (VC) firms. In this case, students are asked to consider the terms offered by one New York-based VC firm and to recommend whether or not Corey and his team should take the firm on as equity partners.

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