iLab Solutions, LLC

A lab technician creates innovative software that streamlines logistics at medical research labs, but how should he and his new business partners price the service and win clients?
Brett Gordon  | Spring 2010
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Andreas Hagen, a lab technician at the renowned Bennett-Greene Cancer Center, was frustrated by the error-prone, time-consuming processes the lab used to track its physical assets. In 2006, he created software to address these problems, and his concept was soon adopted by other labs at Bennett-Greene. With two partners, Hagen launched iLab Solutions to market his system. The partners further developed the software, analyzed potential customers, and reviewed sales and promotion opportunities. But what they found most difficult was developing a pricing system that would convert their high-profile customer trials into sales. This case shows the setbacks and challenges faced by iLab's founders as they attempt to sign clients, and asks students to analyze the firm's pricing strategy.

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