The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company: The Quest for Service Excellence

How can a hotel chain distinguish itself as a premier provider of luxury service in the increasingly competitive hospitality industry?
Nelson M. Fraiman, Linda Green, Garrett J. van Ryzin, Aliza Heching  | Spring 2008
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In 1992, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel chain won the top US industry prize for excellence in quality and service. However, customer demand for value, as well as growing competition within the hotel industry, was making it harder for the company to continue this legacy. In this case, students learn about Ritz-Carlton's history and corporate philosophy, and analyze the challenges of being a quality service provider. Issues addressed include how the company should remedy defects in its customer service, achieve its customer retention goals, and maintain a culture of service while experiencing rapid growth.

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Supplemental Materials: Teaching Note , Ritz Dataset
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