FiscalNote: Taking on the Big Guys in Information Technology

Can the early stage start-up FiscalNote beat information technology behemoths at their own game?
Michael Keehner  | Fall 2015
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Twenty two year old entrepreneur Tim Hwang launched FiscalNote, a tool for aggregating data and predicting the fate of legislation, in 2013. Its first product, Prophecy, went head-to-head with Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, and LexisNexis for customers. Case A presents the company’s business plan and the challenges the founders met as they sought early rounds of venture capital. Case B updates the company’s new product launches and the metrics by which Hwang has measured success through 2015, asking students to consider FiscalNote’s capital needs going forward and what its next steps should be as the competitive environment further heats up.

Case ID: 160301

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