Uber: Driving into Uncharted Territory

Can Uber sustain a competitive advantage while expanding its services beyond peer-to-peer ride sharing?
Dan J. Wang, Evan Rawley  | Fall 2020
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In June 2017, after the ouster of CEO and founder Travis Kalanick, Dara Khosrowshahi, former chief executive of Expedia, assumed leadership of the company. As Khosrowshahi prepared Uber for its IPO, the company shed a number of assets, such as its operations in Russia, China, and other parts of Southeast Asia, and while laying the foundation to expand its service offerings. When Uber went public in May 2019, lingering questions about the company’s strategy and competitive position remained for both current investors and potential shareholders. This case presents the background of Uber’s launch, its rapidly evolving product set and markets, the competitive environment, and the regulatory challenges the company has confronted—and asks students to consider the right strategic path forward for Uber.

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