Children's Aid: Transitioning to a Results-Oriented Organization

What tools should newly appointed Children’s Aid Society CEO Phoebe Boyer implement to better assess talent and measure program outcomes in order to position the organization for long-term success?

Ann Bartel  | Fall 2017
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Tamer Center for Social Enterprise

Children’s Aid is an independent nonprofit whose mission is “to help children in poverty succeed and thrive.” Since her appointment in 2014, President and CEO Phoebe Boyer reorganized divisions, combined programs, raised funds, and expanded HR capabilities. Her next priority was to ensure that new metrics, objectives, and goals were used to strengthen Children’s Aid as an effective, efficient driver of social change. In this case students are asked to consider whether these measurement tools will have the intended impact on the internal culture and improve outcomes for its client children and families—and what new opportunities for innovation Children’s Aid can leverage moving forward.

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