Closing the Sale: How Can Hair Club Grow Its Business?

What changes should hair-loss solutions company Hair Club implement to its sales process to increase its conversion rate from consultations and increase the likelihood of customers recommending Hair Club to their friends and family?
Michael Brown  | Fall 2018
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In 2016, the hair-loss solutions company Hair Club conducted a review of its business practices and identified issues with its sales operations. Although Hair Club had some very satisfied customers, it struggled to convert potential customers into regular, paying clients resulting in a loss of revenue. To address the issues identified in the review, Hair Club hired Marcus Wright, a sales professional in the healthcare and beauty industries, as its vice president of sales operations. He was tasked with analyzing Hair Club’s sales process to determine how the company can turn more potential customers into paying clients who will also refer their friends and family. Wright and Hair Club considered how to improve the quality and number of potential clients who set up a meeting with a consultant and how to modify the consultation process and follow-up to increase Hair Club’s sales.

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