Building the Bloomberg Brand for Human Resources: Enhancing the Engineering Internship Program

How can Bloomberg acquire the insights to attract even more talented technical summer interns who then ultimately accept an offer of fulltime employment?
Noel Capon, Rita Bartczak  | Fall 2018
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Like many tech companies, Bloomberg L.P. operated an engineering internship program to attract bright, eager computer science and engineering students for summer employment. After they graduated, about 30% of interns returned to Bloomberg for full-time employment. Overall, the company’s internship program was viewed as successful but Bloomberg found itself on the losing end of competition with iconic tech powerhouses for top technical talent recruitment, both for summer and fulltime employment. With the competitive environment as a backdrop, Bloomberg embarked on an effort to gain insights through qualitative research that would allow it to redesign its internship program for greater success. In this case, students are asked to consider the best way to gain insights into the drivers of intern satisfaction to allow Bloomberg to improve its internship program.

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