Autonomous Vehicles: Futurist Technologies in Markets and Society

What are the ethical, logistical and legal complexities that accompany Autonomous Vehicle technology—and what role should business strategists play in guiding AVs integration into business and society?

Dan J. Wang  | Spring 2020
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The Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Center for Leadership and Ethics Case Series

It is undeniable that Autonomous Vehicle technology marks the beginning of a revolution in the car and technology market that is likely to seriously disrupt the US domestic economy. In fact The Boston Consulting Group has predicted that AVs could gobble up a $42 billion market size by 2025—eating away at the economies of traditional car manufacturers and adjacent industries. However, as a futurist technology, it is impossible to predict all of the ethical, logistical and legal complexities that will arise. This case outlines the market and societal uncertainties that are presented by the AV as well as the stakeholders that will be impacted by its wide adoption—and asks students to consider what questions business strategists in the AV space should address first.

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