Transforming LEDVANCE: Lighting for the Smart Home and Global IoT Marketplace

What strategic direction should LEDVANCE take to optimize the opportunities presented by the proliferation of Smart Home products and the prospect of integrating its lighting products to the Internet of Things?

Matthew Quint  | Spring 2020
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LEDVANCE was a leader in general lighting, with $2 billion in annual revenue. It manufactured light-emitting diode (LED) lamps, LED luminaires, Smart Home and Smart Building products and related software, and traditional lighting products. The firm’s end customers included corporations, governments, professionals, and individual consumers around the globe. In June 2018 rapid technological changes were creating great opportunities as lighting products integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT). If the company was to achieve its ambitious re-branding goal to “redefine the role of light in a connected world,” an updated corporate strategy was needed. In this case, students will be introduced to the Smart Home and smart lighting category, its competitive landscape, the growth potential, and the anticipated trends and challenges…and asked to identify where LEDVANCE should invest, which tech firms to collaborate with, and how to develop the brand for future growth.

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