Core Values in a Time of Crisis: Confronting COVID-19 at Acorn Health (A and B)

Can Acorn Health, a newly launched network of autism care providers, maintain its carefully crafted values-based culture in the wake of a global healthcare crisis?

Todd Jick  | Fall 2020
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Reuben Mark Initiative for Organizational Character and Leadership

In March 2020, Vicki Kroviak, the founder and CEO of Acorn Health, a network of autism care providers, was forced to shift direction from overseeing several major acquisitions and culture-building efforts to leading Acorn through a global healthcare crisis. In the A case, students will consider the issues confronting Kroviak: Should Acorn Health continue to provide services in spite of the pandemic? Would they even be able to survive, financially? And what would become of the team culture she had worked hard to put in place? The B case describes how Kroviak resolved these issues, while retaining her values-led management philosophy.

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