At the Frontier of Retail in the 21st Century: Modern Fulfillment and The Case of FlexiWeight

With a goal to revolutionize the way America exercises, can Flexiweight find the right fulfillment model to deliver on its mission?

Omar Besbes, Carri Chan, C. Daniel Guetta  | Spring 2021
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Founded in 2018 with a mission to revolutionize the way America exercises, FlexiWeight had designed an innovative set of compact, Blue-tooth-enabled adjustable weights suitable for at-home use. The concept was an immediate hit and, perhaps fueled by a rise in at-home exercising during the COVID-19 pandemic, the product quickly grew from a niche product to a must-have accessory for workout buffs across the United States. Demand for the product skyrocketed, and the founders realized the ad-hoc shipping and fulfillment systems they were using would not be able to keep up. This case presents students with a historical perspective on companies’ fulfillment challenges and the recent trend to move from a single-channel fulfillment system to a more complex microfulfillment strategy—and asks them to consider the best path forward for Flexiweight.

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