Memorial Park Negotiation (A and B)

What negotiation tactics will both bring positive results for Memorial Park’s Fall Carnival, while preserving a good working relationship between the park’s operations team and the outsourced vendor coordinator?

Sandra Matz, Maureen Devenny  | Summer 2021
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Memorial Park is located in a fictitious densely populated city on the West Coast of the United States. Each year the Memorial Park Corporation team oversees a fall festival, working closely with CityPeople, the company that produces the vendor booth portion of the festival. This two-part negotiation focuses on four elements of the upcoming festival: construction schedule, number of booths, the location of offices for CityPeople’s staff, and the addition of a German-style outdoor Biergarten. To prepare for the negotiation, students receive one of two roles—representing either the Memorial Park Deputy Director of Operations or the CityPeople Market Director—and a score sheet with weights for each of the four items to be negotiated.

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