Chirpin’ Tavern’s Coupon Promotion

What model should the owner of a New York restaurant use to assess the value of its coupon promotion program?

Asim Ansari, Silvia Bellezza, Oded Netzer, Olivier Toubia  | Fall 2021
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To augment the growth of a restaurant’s business, its owner began selling coupons on a New York City deals website. However, the owner wondered whether selling these steeply discounted coupons was a sound business decision. In this case, students are presented with a spreadsheet with 34 months of sales data and are asked to develop a regression model of sales as a function of key variables. This case is accompanied by a Solutions note that details the steps in developing a model of sales as a function of seasonality, a time trend, and current and past promotional activity.

Case ID: 220502
Supplemental Materials: Teaching Note, Excel Spreadsheets, Solutions Spreadsheets , Instructor Spreadsheet , Student Spreadsheet , Solution - For Instructor's Use Only

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