Rome & Rybak

When considering employee retention, should managers prioritize revenues and profits over other factors such as cultural fit and approach?

Eric Abrahamson  | Fall 2021
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Lillian Emerson, partner at boutique New York City law firm Rome & Rybak, considers options regarding a high business-generating but difficult employee, Alex Balthus. Faced with an ultimatum from Balthus, Emerson must weigh the value that Balthus brought to the firm through client introductions for the trust and estate department against the several areas where his performance was lacking, including abrasive approach, secretive means and refusal to develop collegial relationships. In this case, students will be asked to analyze personnel and team issues, understand the motivations of key stakeholders and ultimately, make an informed leadership decision that could have far-reaching effects on a growing company’s business and culture.

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